Hold the WAV in a overhand grip (use the smooth bands on the WAV to make sure your hands are evenly placed).

Lie on your back. Position your body into what’s called the three-to-six month supine position (the term for the common posture of being on our backs in early infancy), drawing your legs up so your legs form a right angle with the floor. Warm-up your visual senses by slightly tipping the WAV back and forth.

Watch the liquid flow from side-to-side. 

Let only your eyes, not your head or body, follow the liquid’s movement. Roll your entire body gently from side-to-side with your eyes closed.


  • Amplify: Close the eyes

  • Moderate: Maintain hook lying position






  • Direct: Connect to the WAV & the surface beneath you

  • Be mindful of: Does your breathing and abdominal muscles support the spine? Do you feel connected to the ground with your head, shoulders and pelvis without tension?

  • WAV Interaction:

Common Compensations

  • Breath Hold/Valsalva

  • Loss of neutral spine

  • Elevated scapula/shoulder girdle

  • Rib Flare