It’s not like anything else I’ve tried before.
— Steven Schultz, Masters Athlete

Strengthen Your Brain Body Connection


The WAV® is a different approach to fitness – doing more than simply strengthening and toning your muscles. It’s developing the performance enhancing power created by better brain body communication during movement.

Whether you are looking to gain a competitive edge for your sport, enhance your overall well-being with more energy and less stress or look and feel younger with better posture and more fluid movement, training with the WAV® is a fun and effective way to reach your goals.

 Train the brain body connection with the WAV

Synchronization between physical performance and the mind is something that you can and should train. Forming strong brain body connections improves your ability to generate force faster, endure longer, have more energy, be more coordinated, have better balance, and reduces the likelihood of injury.

Feedback is critical to successful performance and athletes who are tuned into the feedback given by their own movements and bodies, as well as by external cues are able to remain connected with what they are doing and in control of where they are headed.
— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & Susan E. Jackson

Built on our philosophy, training with the WAV® combines low impact, high efficiency movement with deep brain body conditioning, so no focusing on high reps or heavy weights. In fact, the WAV® isn’t all that heavy because it doesn’t need to be. Unlike other training equipment, the WAV®’s natural movement patterns and tranquil sounds provide sensory stimulation and immediate feedback in response to your movement so you automatically improve how you move.

I find it very challenging but also very relaxing in a way.
— Chrissy Birtwistle, Fitness Enthusiast

Exercising with the WAV® feels different. You are activating and restructuring the connections that serve as the foundation of the way you move, stabilize, and carry yourself through life. You'll experience unexpected challenges while left feeling energized, rejuvenated, and more aware of your body.



The WAV® uses the sight, sound and sensation produced by fluid motion to help flow into your personal best. Our holistic approach focuses on improving the way you perceive yourself and your surroundings so you can move with clearer intent and better precision, what we call being in Mindful MotionTM.


train your bRAIN bODY connectION