I’m obsessed! The feedback from my clients is amazing! It really helps people tune in to the right muscles.
I really love it!
— Gina Nostrant, Fitness instructor

good posture, balance and functional strength are real anti-aging properties that boost your confidence and create a more youthful appearance


WAV® Sensorimotor Training is low impact, whole mind-body training that transcends traditional fitness training with a deeper brain body connection. The revolutionary fluid motion bar automatically awakens your body’s neural pathways and heightens mindful body awareness through sound, sight, and sensation of moving fluid. The WAV® works with you to train movement, naturally, in the way your body is designed. Based on the principles of neuromuscular science WAV® training helps you do more than strengthen and tone muscles. Have fun while developing better balance, stability, posture, and reaction times for better performance and a more youthful quality of movement.


The most visible long-term result is a lithe body. Perhaps the more powerful benefit is a stronger brain-body connection that allows you to move fully through life in mindful motion.

I love that it looks so easy but it’s so hard! More challenging than I thought.
— Karen DiMeo

Whether you are a serious athlete looking to get to the next level or someone working to meet a first time fitness goal, the WAV® is a fun and effective way to enhance your physical well-being and elevate your performance. The WAV®’s adaptive design makes it easily incorporated into any routine and safe and effective for any fitness level.


Ready for  a Stronger Brain Body Connection?