Healthy movement is guided by sensory input and the brain body connection. Injuries, disease and age can reduce the quality of movement, disrupt the brain body connection and make it difficult to rebuild. Sensory based motor training stimulates the neuromuscular system, reinforcing known pathways and opening new ones. The WAV is a sensory based exercise bar designed to strengthen the brain body connection for improved neuromuscular control and better movement patterns.

The WAV closes the chain for client proprioceptive and kinesthetic feedback, you can’t get that from bars and balls.
— Patricia Brick, PT, MS, GCS

Multi-sensory workout builds the brain-body connection

The WAV Sensorimotor Trainer is unlike any other equipment or prop. The proprioceptive and kinesthetic feedback, along with the tranquil sights and sounds of fluid moving inside the WAV, provide extensive sensory engagement, a heightened understanding of how the body is moving, as well as where there is imbalance or weakness. Useful for various therapeutic areas of focus such as orthopedic and neurologic conditions, for both young and old, the WAV is a valuable tool for proactive training, rehabilitation and progress towards healthy movement.

We use the WAV with so many different patients, from geriatric to concussions. It allows for creative and imaginative ways to deliver what my patients need.
— Dr. Jodi G. Handler, PT, DPT, Co-Owner TLC Rehab and Wellness & Clinical Assistant Faculty Rutgers University, PT Program

When purchasing WAV@practice you will receive:

  • 2 WAV® Sensorimotor Trainers - Choose weights best suited for your patients.

  • Membership to the WAV® movement library containing detailed training information, instructional videos and training programs all accessible online so you can view from anywhere!

  • Access to the Maven's Den, our online community of movement specialists where you can ask questions, share ideas and training tips.

  • Discounts on certifications and apparel.

  • Regular updates and new training tips.

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Getting patients to fully engage can be a challenge and can often lead to lack of compliance and missed appointments. The WAV triggers your patients’ sense of curiosity and creates an interesting and fun way for them to engage in their rehab exercises. The first time they hold the WAV, and feel the sensation of the liquid moving in response to their body position, will be unlike anything they’ve ever felt before. Uniquely reflective of each patient’s movement patterns, the WAV provides personalized feedback and insights to help them (re)gain healthy functional movement.

I can cue my patients, sometimes til I am blue in the face and they don’t get it. With the WAV they get it right away. After trying it on my 3rd patient I knew that I needed to have it for my practice.
— Dr. Sasha Cyrelson PT, DPT, OCS Clinic Director & Physical Therapist at Professional Physical Therapy

Movement STarts with the Mind

You already have many options for therapeutic exercise but are they as effective as they could be? WAV exercises are brain body exercises that can activate and restructure the connections that serve as the foundation for the way we move, stabilize, and carry ourselves through life.


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Based on the principles of neuromuscular science, the WAV® is designed to stimulate your senses while you work your muscles. You receive immediate feedback unique to your movement patterns, raising awareness and fusing mind and body into one. Integrated into our specially designed workout programs, the WAV® provides an engaging and holistic approach to fitness and rehabilitation.