Through an education session and 8-part movement track, the WAV® Seated Posture Series teaches you the foundations for ideal seated posture and demonstrates low impact yet highly impactful exercises you can do to stay pain free day after day at your desk. 

You'll learn answers to questions such as: What is ideal posture for me? What is a neutral spine anyway? and What do my senses have to do with it?


This lifetime series will help you learn how to thwart the pain caused by too much time at your desk. By keeping your ideal posture for longer periods of time you can finish your day productive and pain free. 

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Based on the principles of neuromuscular science, the WAV® is designed to stimulate your senses while you work your muscles. You receive immediate feedback unique to your movement patterns, raising awareness and fusing mind and body into one. Integrated into our uniquely designed workout programs, the WAV® provides an engaging and holistic approach to fitness and rehabilitation.


Take the Seated Posture Series one step further and enhance your performance on the go with improved balance and stability. Order the Seated Posture Series today and receive

3 additional 30-minute WAV® exercise routines PLUS a 15 minute personal training session

Awaken and activate your critical brain body connections and feel the WAV difference at the office and long after.

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