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Thank you for listening to my recent discussion with Hans Hageman. It's always fun and thought provoking to talk (and listen) to Hans about being successful as a more mature mover in the fitness and business world.



I've exercised for better health since a doctor "prescribed" it to me as a teenager. It's not until I learned more about the science of how we really move that I realized how to get so much better results with less effort. 

Engage your brain and it'll move you!

If the brain-body approach to fitness is new to you, consider this. Every day, you rely on your body’s sensory system for movement, balance, and coordination. 

Diena Seeger, Founder iBalans, Creator of the WAV

As I mentioned on the podcast, try connecting through all your senses. It's powerful information for your brain, especially as you age - and it's pretty fun. There are 3 simple things you can do right now to start embracing a brain-body approach to well-being:

  1. Focus more on how before worrying about how much. More just means more, and often times, more likely for injury. Make it smart first.
  2. Engage something besides your vision. Do an exercise you like (and of course that is safe) with your eyes closed.
  3. Stay curious. Notice your body and movement, just as it is today with no preconceived notion of what it should be. 

My hope is that the podcast sparked your curiousity.

On the podcast, I mentioned science and stories. If you were left wanting to know more about the brain-body approach to healthy youthful movement we'd be thrilled to share more. If it inspired you to want to tell your story we'd love for you to share more.  

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