On a neurological level, our body is constantly interpreting and processing sensory information from our surroundings and movement to create and regulate an appropriate response from muscles and joints. Injury, disease and aging disrupt the fluid connection between our brain and our movement. The WAV Sensorimotor Trainer is the first sensory based exercise bar designed to strengthen the brain body connection for heightened proprioception and higher quality movement.


Multi-sensory Training HEIGHTENS PRoprioception

The WAV Sensorimotor Trainer is unlike any other equipment. The tranquil sights and sounds of fluid moving inside the WAV in response to your clients movement patterns provide extensive sensory engagement. Clients gain a heightened sense of proprioception while they, and you, gain a refined understanding of their true position, strength and balance.

We use the WAV with so many different patients, from geriatric to concussions. It allows for creative and imaginative ways to deliver what my patients need.
— Dr. Jodi G. Handler, PT, DPT, Co-Owner TLC Rehab and Wellness & Clinical Assistant Faculty Rutgers University, PT Program

Beneficial for various therapeutic focus areas ~ orthopedic, neurologic, geriatric, vestibular, athletic training ~ WAV training activates the neuromuscular system without compromising the stable ground conditions we move on every day. Regardless of pathology, sensorimotor training is supportive overall for neuroplasticity and to upregulate other systems.


Want to help patients imporove their quality of movement with an integrated sensory training experience?



Getting clients to fully engage can be a challenge and lack of engagement leads to lack of compliance and missed appointments. The WAV triggers your clients’ sense of curiosity and creates an interesting and fun way for them to stay engaged. The first time they hold the WAV, and feel the sensation of the liquid moving in response to their body position, will be unlike anything they’ve ever felt before.

I can cue my patients, sometimes til I am blue in the face and they don’t get it. With the WAV they get it right away. After trying it on my 3rd patient I knew that I needed to have it for my practice.
— Dr. Sasha Cyrelson PT, DPT, OCS Clinic Director & Physical Therapist at Professional Physical Therapy

Movement STarts with the Mind

You already have many options for therapeutic exercise, enhance them by stimulating sensorimotor functionality. WAV training incorporates brain body exercises that help activate and restructure the connections that serve as the foundation for the way your clients move, stabilize, and carry themselves through life.

Sensorimotor training improves balance, equilibrium, posture, muscle balance and strength better than strength training alone.

Sensorimotor training improves balance, equilibrium, posture, muscle balance and strength better than strength training alone.

Ready to start WAV Training? WAV@practice is all you need to start enhancing your patient training experience in your sole practice or single location.

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Based on the principles of neuromuscular science, the WAV® is designed to stimulate your senses while you work your muscles. You receive immediate feedback unique to your movement patterns, raising awareness and fusing mind and body into one. Integrated into our specially designed training programs, the WAV® provides an engaging and holistic approach to rehabilitation and athletic training.