FLOW Into your personal Best

You already have lots of options to work your muscles --but that's only part of the equation. Your brain continuously interprets and processes sensory information from your body and surroundings to determine your every move.

Poor movement can exist anywhere in the body but poor movement patterns can only exist in the brain.
— Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSC

WAV@home is focused on strengthening the internal mechanisms for maintaining balance, posture and stability. The most visible long-term result is a lithe body. Perhaps the most powerful benefit is a stronger brain-body connection that allows you to flow into your personal best.

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Based on the principles of neuromuscular science, the WAV® is designed to stimulate your senses while you work your muscles. You receive immediate feedback unique to your movement patterns, raising awareness and fusing mind and body into one. Integrated into our specially designed workout programs, the WAV® provides an engaging and holistic approach to fitness and rehabilitation.