A Whole System Approach to Training Movement

It’s not like anything else I’ve tried before.
— Steven Schultz, Masters Athlete

Strengthen Your Brain Body Connection


The WAV® Sensorimotor Trainer is a different approach to fitness – doing more than simply strengthening your muscles. You are strengthening the brain body connection so critical for improving balance, having better posture and promoting core stability.

Improve your physical performance by fine tuning your motor commands.
Exercises to improve peformance and reduce risk of injury

Because neuroscience reveals that your every movement is guided by sensory input, the synchronization between your physical environment and your brain is something that you can and should train. The WAV uses the sensory engaging power of fluid motion to activate and strengthen the internal dialogue between your muscles and your brain so critical for coordinated fluid movement. 

Reduce your risk of injury with better balance, stability and coordination.

Movement is fitness for every body. We take an integrative approach, focused on the way you are designed to move, to improve the likelihood you stay injury free and get better results not just during your workout but long after.

Train the brain body connection with the WAV

Develop a SMART Body


Unlike other training equipment, the WAV's natural movement patterns and tranquil sounds provide immediate feedback in direct response to your own movement. You automatically improve your movement quality through increased body awareness and the valuable insights you gain about your true position, strength, and balance. Movement quality determines whether your training is going to improve or inhibit your performance.

Feedback is critical to successful performance and athletes who are tuned into the feedback given by their own movements and bodies, as well as by external cues are able to remain connected with what they are doing and in control of where they are headed.
— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, PhD & Susan A. Jackson, PhD

feel good while raising your movement intelligence


Exercising with the WAV feels different. It combines low impact, high efficiency movement with brain body conditioning, so no focusing on high reps or heavy weights. In fact, the WAV isn’t all that heavy because it doesn’t need to be.

Enhance your overall well-being through improved balance and greater brain-body connection.
Exercises to improve your posture and ehance well-being

You are activating and restructuring the connections that serve as the foundation for the way you move, stabilize, and carry yourself through life. You'll experience unexpected challenges while left feeling energized, rejuvenated, and more aware of your body.

I find it very challenging but also very relaxing in a way.
— Chrissy Birtwistle, Fitness Enthusiast

move towards your life’s aspirations


The WAV uses the sight, sound and sensation produced by fluid motion to engage multiple systems, not just your muscular system, in your training routine. Our holistic approach focuses on improving the way you perceive yourself and your surroundings so you can make each move with clearer intent and better precision, what we call being in Mindful MotionTM.

Mindful Motion: fully engaged movement that creates opportunity to enjoy what’s most important to you.



If you are a movement professional with a whole body approach to getting anyone from athletes to seniors to have better balance, posture and core stability - or wanting to do this for yourself at home - the WAV’s responsive design ensures everyone can train at a level that is safe and effective.

I love that it looks so easy but it’s so hard! More challenging than I thought.
— Karen DiMeo, Variety Seeker
WAV Sensorimotor Trainer

Our progressive training approach gives priority to improving movement quality and developing the heightened body awareness you need to move with greater competence and confidence.