Finish your day productive and pain free

Thwart the pain caused by too much time at your desk by keeping your ideal posture for longer periods of time. The WAV@home seated posture workout is a series of simple yet powerful low impact WAV exercises designed to refresh your posture.


Movement professionals use the WAV for athletic training, physical therapy and fitness. Our comprehensive home-based training package enables you to experience the benefits of WAV training on your own, from home. 

Learn the foundations top trainers use for developing and maintaining ideal seated posture. You’ll soon have the answers to questions such as: What is ideal posture for me? What is a neutral spine? and What do my senses have to do with it?


Anytime you feel in a slump, simply push back from your desk and follow our 10 minute WAV workout to return to your ideal posture.

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Based on the principles of neuromuscular science, the WAV® is designed to stimulate your senses while you work your muscles. You receive immediate feedback unique to your movement patterns, raising awareness and fusing mind and body into one. Integrated into our uniquely designed workout programs, the WAV® provides an engaging and holistic approach to fitness and rehabilitation.

Core moves you can do at home

To keep your movement healthy away from your desk, you'll also receive 3 low impact WAV home exercise routines! These WAV workouts incorporate brain body conditioning to activate and restructure the connections that serve as the foundation for the way you move, stabilize, and carry yourself through life.

Over 50: The best full-body workout

Each 30 minute workout focuses on full body conditioning with an emphasis on strengthening your core. The WAV’s unique design ensures you get results in a way that is safe and effective for your current fitness level.

Want to know more about our brain body approach to better posture. Check out our blog.