A Note from a Newbie: Mindful Motion’s Instant Impact


Hey Mindful Movers! Every once in a while, we’ll share a note from our writers, trainers, or leaders, so you can get to know us better and learn along with us. Today’s feature comes from one of our writers, who never knew about our fitness philosophy before working with us. Now, she’s already integrating it into her daily life. That’s how easy it is!

Image Source:  NJhiking.com

Image Source: NJhiking.com

One of the best parts of working with the WAV team is learning new health and fitness concepts. Since starting here a few months ago, I’ve gained better insight into my body’s capabilities and how I can maximize my natural strengths. Before becoming a WAV writer, I mindlessly went through the motions of each workout, taking for granted my brain and body’s contributions to each exercise session. I suspect many of us do this, especially when we're not really feeling our workout that day.

It’s so much fun going for a hike, jog, or swim and connecting what my body’s doing with the terms we discuss on the site. A week ago, I went for a hike in New Jersey’s famed Sourland Mountain Preserve, a rocky uphill trek requiring some minor bouldering. Because of my close work with the blog, I found myself mindfully aware of my body’s proprioception, a term I’d never even encountered—or could pronounce—until meeting Diena and Lily. I realized how I’d never accomplish a moderately challenging hike without all of my senses and musculoskeletal system collaborating well.

For the first time, I paid attention not just to my heart rate and pace but focused on the weight my feet carried with each step. I heard my bag shift on my back; I then understood how my body processes this input, adjusting my footing to match the pack’s additional unsteady weight. I watched as my hands grasped each boulder’s tiny crevasse, marveling as I felt each rock's minute indentations. My brain—without any conscious instructions--adjusted my fingers so I could achieve a stronger grip.

Mindful motion awakened a powerful new curiosity about my body and all of my workouts.

Without this brain-body connection work, I’ would have probably blown through this hike. It'd have been just another purely physical power play. But this awareness and attention to mindful motion’s significance awakened a new curiosity about my body and how each hike is more than just a cardio session. As we continue building out each post for you, I hope you think of your body in a similar way. Your body wants this level of attunement. Your brain craves an active awareness, so it stays sharp and grows stronger instead of aging weakly. It might not happen right away for you (after all, we're introducing a novel fitness and health philosophy) but when it does, you’ll work harder, smarter, and more passionately.

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WAV staff writer
Dara Witte is a WAV Staff Writer who loves movement, health, and feeling powerful. When she’s not testing out new WAV workouts for the blog, you can find her hiking, swimming, and traveling with her family.

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