Optimal physical performance, whether in sports or everyday life, requires a properly functioning sensorimotor system

Talk to any athlete and they’ll tell you that the more efficiently they move, the less effort they exert with better results. The same principles hold true as we move through our daily lives. Proper movement prevents injury and helps retain a healthy youthful appearance. 

On a neurological level, the body constantly interprets and processes sensory information from both itself and its surroundings to create and regulate appropriate responses from muscles and joints. Injury, as well as aging, can disrupt this natural process and impact the subconscious strategies required to maintain balance, posture and stability.

I find it very challenging but also very relaxing in a way.
— Chrissy B.

Key to maintaining an active lifestyle is to awaken the body’s automatic stabilizing system and optimize the timing, rhythm and pattern of movement. With each small adjustment to the moving fluid, training with the WAV® hyper stimulates the neuromuscular system, strengthening known pathways and opening new ones. With repeated use, nerves become more capable of transmitting the same signal and these signals are quicker to reach central processing areas in the brain. The result is healthier, more youthful movement, what we call Mindful MotionTM.