Maximize Awareness, Focus on Precise Movement, Enhance Stability & Neuromuscular Control



Maximize Awareness, Focus on Precise Movement, Enhance Stability & Neuromuscular Control

We use the WAV with so many different patients, from geriatric to concussions. It allows for creative and imaginative ways to deliver what my patients need.
— Jodi G. Handler, PT, DPT, Co-Owner TLC Rehab and Wellness & Clinical Assistant Faculty Rutgers University, PT Program



With each small adjustment to the moving fluid, training with the WAV® hyper stimulates the neuromuscular system, strengthening known pathways and opening new ones. It is effective for any client working to improve movement skills. Whether you are working with an injured athlete, a geriatric patient with limited functionality, or someone who has experienced a traumtic brain injury, the WAV® helps your clients reach a higher level of postural and stability control. Use the WAV® for vestibular, geriatric, pelvic floor, orthopedic, neurological and even cardiovascular rehab, it’s a non-invasive tool to help awaken the CNS.

Until now, most balance training had to be done on unstable surfaces that do not mimic normal functional conditions so training did not translate seamlessly to real life. The WAV® provides a way to activate the neuromuscular system without compromising the stable grond conditions we move on every day.

Its adaptive design gives you boundless possibilities to help your patients realize their unique potential and reach the goal of moving with competence and confidence.

We use it every day and the patients really like it.
— Robert Barberio, Co-Owner, Olympic Physical Therapy

Rather than evoking frustration, the WAV® triggers a sense of curiosity. It is designed to meet patients where they are so treatment can occur with fun and ease. Add an element of fun and focus to your current sessions and get your clients more interested and engaged with the WAV®.

Patients love the challenge and ask to train with the WAV.
— Cecilia Houseman Grillo, PTA

Use the WAV® to maximize the benefits of body-weight movements or combine with other equipment for advanced routines.

The WAV closes the chain for client proprioceptive and kinesthetic feedback, you can’t get that from bars and balls.
— Patricia Brick, PT, MS, GCS

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